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Landscaping Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing landscapinginsurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Landscaping Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing landscaping insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is landscaping insurance?


Running a landscaping business involves considerable effort and financial investment. To better safeguard everything that’s poured into their business, landscapers in New Hampshire can get landscaping insurance.

Landscaping insurance is a form of commercial insurance that’s specifically designed for landscapers and their businesses. It typically comes with property, liability and vehicle coverages.

Which New Hampshire businesses should have lawn care insurance?


Most landscaping and lawn care businesses in New Hampshire should have lawn care insurance. Not insuring can have disastrous consequences, and this tends to be the best insurance for the industry.

Moreover, landscapers and lawn care professionals should consider getting insurance regardless of their business size or structure. Statewide lawn care services, major landscaping companies, and individuals who mow on the side all may benefit from the coverages afforded.

Landscaping Insurance New Hampshire

What protections are offered by lawn care insurance?


Although the specific protections offered by lawn care policies can vary, most policies offer a range of common coverages. These typically include:

  • Commercial Property Coverage: Often covers facilities owned by a landscaper, and usually their equipment that’s stored at the facilities.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Often covers equipment, like mowers and trimmers, during transport between different job locations.
  • General Liability Coverage: Often covers various common accidents for which the business may be responsible.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: Often covers mistakes made when providing advice to customers (E&O coverage).
  • Product Liability Coverage: Often covers damage or injuries caused by the landscaper’s products.
  • Pollution Liability Coverage: Often covers environmental damage caused by chemicals used in the course of landscaping.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Often covers business-owned vehicles, like trucks and vans.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Often provides additional liability protection for costly lawsuits.

In addition to these protections, landscaping businesses may also wish to consider business interruption coverage, cyber liability coverage and other options. Insurance agents specializing in these policies can help businesses explore all available coverages.

Landscaping Insurance New Hampshire

How are the premiums for landscaping policies determined?


The premiums for landscaping policies can vary significantly, depending on several factors that insurers take into account. These might include the geographic area the business serves, the services it provides, the chemicals used, the age and type of vehicles, the location and size of any owned facilities, and any recent insurance claims. There are still many other details that insurance underwriters might ask for.

An independent insurance agent can work with landscapers to get custom lawn care insurance quotes from several insurance companies. This makes comparing coverages and rates easy.

Do landscaping policies cover snowplowing?


Insurance companies understand that many landscaping businesses offer snowplowing services during the winter months. While it’s often possible to obtain snowplowing coverage through a lawn care insurance policy, not all policies automatically cover both services.

For businesses that need coverage for both lawn care and snowplowing, a knowledgeable agent should be able to find a policy that robustly covers both types of services.

Landscaping Insurance New Hampshire

Is workers’ compensation coverage included in landscaping policies?


Workers compensation is an important protection that generally safeguards against workplace injuries, which is certainly a possibility when working with mowers and trimmers. Carrying workers comp can better insulate a business against workplace accident lawsuits, and may give employees some peace of mind.

Whether workers comp is included within a landscaping policy depends on the policy. Some include it, while others leave it to be purchased separately. The coverage is readily available in either case.

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How can landscapers in New Hampshire secure landscaping insurance?


If you’re a landscaper or lawn care professional in New Hampshire and want to insure your business, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. Our team will work closely with you to help you find a landscaping insurance policy that provides robust protection for your business.


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