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Also providing auto insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Auto Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing auto insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is auto insurance?

Operating a vehicle comes with its own set of hazards, especially when navigating New Hampshire’s windy and often icy roads. While safety equipment like all-wheel drive, seatbelts and traction control offer protection on the road, they don’t prevent all accidents. Should they ever be in an accident, drivers will want the financial protection that auto insurance affords.

Auto insurance generally a layer of financial protection against accidents and other incidents. Most policies offer coverage for the vehicle, the driver, any passengers and others.

Who in New Hampshire should carry car insurance?


New Hampshire is one of the few states that don’t require car insurance. Purchasing insurance is highly recommended for most drivers, though, as the costs of an accident can be extremely high.

Drivers who don’t purchase insurance are required to show that they have the financial resources to pay for accident injuries and damage. The state generally defines financial responsibility as having the resources to pay $25,000 per person to pay bodily injury liability claims, $50,000 per accident to pay bodily injury liability claims, and $25,000 per accident to pay property damage liability. 

Drivers who don’t have these resources typically do need to purchase insurance. Those that can afford to self-insure likely should purchase insurance too, since a major accident’s costs can easily exceed these amounts.

An insurance agent who specializes in car coverages can further explain the state’s requirements, and why getting an insurance policy is probably wise regardless.

Auto Insurance New Hampshire

What are the coverages that auto policies provide?


Auto policies provide an array of protections. Coverages can vary between policies, but they usually include the option to get:

  • Personal Injury Coverage: Usually covers people in the vehicle who suffer injuries in an accident.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Usually covers medical expenses for people in the vehicle who suffer injuries.
  • Bodily Injury Coverage: Usually covers injuries suffered by other drivers, passengers or pedestrians involved in an accident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Usually covers non-collision damages to the vehicle, such as those caused by fire, theft, or natural disasters.
  • Collision Coverage: Usually covers damages resulting from a collision involving the vehicle and at least one other vehicle.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Usually covers damages that other vehicles or property sustained during a collision.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Usually covers accidents caused by drivers who have insufficient or no insurance coverage.

Given New Hampshire’s laws on insurance requirements, drivers should particularly consider the protections of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Auto Insurance New Hampshire

Do auto loans and leases require insurance?


Many drivers do need certain car insurance coverages, due to the terms of their car loan or lease. Lenders frequently require comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and gap coverage. Gap coverage normally extends protection to the gap between what’s owed and what a vehicle is worth.

Drivers who own their vehicles outright aren’t subject to any lender requirements, but might still want comprehensive and collision.

Is New Hampshire an at-fault or no-fault state?


New Hampshire is an at-fault state, which means the driver responsible for an accident generally has to pay for other parties’ injuries or vehicle damage. The other party that’s seeking compensation normally must establish that they’re the victim, and not themselves at fault.

Because being at fault for a major accident can result in extremely expensive claims, drivers might want especially high liability coverage limits. A knowledgeable agent can help drivers determine just how high their liability limits should be.

Auto Insurance New Hampshire
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How can drivers obtain auto insurance?


Should you need insurance for one or more vehicles registered in New Hampshire, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at  Insurance24. We’ll work closely with you to identify which coverages are right for your vehicle, and then we’ll compare different auto insurance policies to see which best meets your needs. Together, we can make sure you’re well protected when on the road.


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