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Commercial Property Insurance  in New Hampshire

Also providing commercial property insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Commercial Property Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing commercial property insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is commercial property insurance?


Owning commercial property requires a major investment no matter whether that property is bare land, a building or multiple structures. To protect their investment, New Hampshire businesses and investors should consider commercial property insurance.

Commercial property insurance is tailored to the needs of commercial buildings and other properties. Policies may cover a building and what’s inside it.

Who in New Hampshire needs business property insurance?


Any entity that owns commercial property in New Hampshire should consider business property insurance. Policies are available for most types of property. For example, coverage is usually readily available for shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, agricultural properties and other most other properties.

Sometimes commercial property coverage might alternatively be purchased for large assets that aren’t buildings. For example, there might be policies for major machinery, equipment or inventory.

When a property is financed, lenders frequently require insurance so that their financial interest is protected even if something happens to the property. Coverage is strongly encouraged regardless of lender requirements, though.

Commercial Property Insurance New Hampshire

What kinds of protection does business property insurance offer?


Business property insurance usually comes with a variety of protections. Here are a few key ones that policies tend to have:

  • Building Coverage: This may protect the physical structure of business-owned buildings, typically extending to the edifice and any attached structures.
  • Contents Coverage: This may protect property situated within the insured building, typically extending to items like machinery, equipment, inventory and furniture.
  • Tenant’s Improvement Coverage: This may protect modifications or enhancements made by a tenant in a leased space.
  • Exterior Sign Coverage: This may protect both attached and detached signs associated with the business.

Exterior signs might fall under building coverage or exterior sign coverage, depending on the particulars of a policy. An insurance agent who’s familiar with these policies will be able to check which coverage within a policy protects signage.

Commercial Property Insurance New Hampshire

Do commercial property policies provide liability protection?


Business property insurance generally doesn’t include liability protection. Businesses often have unique liability needs, which are better met through one or more liability-specific policies.

Do commercial property policies cover contents located off-premises?


While some commercial property policies might offer limited protection for off-premises items, contents coverage normally only applies when the insured items are on the premises of the property. To secure coverage for items during transportation or when located at a different site, businesses might need to consider coverage options like inland marine insurance or builders risk insurance.

Can commercial property policies cover multiple locations?


Yes, commercial property policies often can provide coverage for multiple locations within New Hampshire or any other single state. Insuring more than one location requires checking a policy’s terms to make sure that the right protections are in place. This is something a knowledgeable insurance agent can help with.

How much does insuring a commercial building cost?


The premiums charged for commercial property policies are as varied as the properties themselves. A property’s location, size, use, value, and construction are just a few of the numerous factors that impact cost.

The easiest way to find out how much insuring a specific property will cost is by comparing customized quotes with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents don’t have to prioritize any one insurer.

Commercial Property Insurance New Hampshire
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How can businesses and investors find commercial property insurance?


For assistance insuring a commercial property located in New Hampshire, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your commercial properties are well-protected with the right policy, and we’ll look at many commercial property insurance policies to find the right one.



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