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Vacant Home Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing vacant home insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Vacant Home Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing vacant home insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is vacant home insurance?


Homeowners insurance provides many protections when a house is being lived in, but many homeowners policies cease providing coverage if a home is unoccupied for too long. When not using a house for an extended period, New Hampshire residents may need vacant home insurance.

Vacant home insurance offers specialized coverage for houses when they’re unoccupied. Policies normally protect unoccupied homes against damage from a variety of perils.

Who in New Hampshire should have vacant property insurance?


Anyone with a house in New Hampshire that’s unoccupied for an extended period may need vacant property insurance. Not getting a policy could leave a place unprotected even if homeowners is in place.

Several different situations can lead to a home being unoccupied and requiring this coverage. Vacant property policies are often purchased by:

  • Homeowners with seasonal ski chalets or lakehouses in New Hampshire
  • Retirees leave to go south for the winter months
  • Residents who take temporary out-of-state jobs
  • Landlords who don’t have tenants for an extended period
Vacant Home insurance new hampshire

How long can houses be unused before vacant property insurance is needed?


Exactly when vacant property insurance is required depends on the terms of the homeowners policy that’s in place (assuming one is). Many homeowners policies will cover homes that are unoccupied for up to 30, 60 or 90 days, and no longer provide coverage after this point. Specific homeowners policies may cease providing coverage at different points.

An insurance agent who specializes in unoccupied properties will be able to check how long a particular homeowners policy will give coverage for.

Vacant Home insurance new hampshire

What protections does vacant property insurance provide?


Vacant property policies may protect against a variety of perils that could cause damage to a house. A policy may cover damage resulting from:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Wind 
  • Lightning
  • Hail

Do vacant home policies cover personal belongings kept in the house?


Personal belongings are normally insured under personal property coverage, which is a standard part of most homeowners policies. Additional personal property coverage may not be necessary if a homeowners policy’s protection remains in place.

When additional personal property coverage is required, it can usually be included as part of a vacant home policy. This coverage might be a standard or an optional feature.

Vacant Home insurance new hampshire

Do vacant home policies cover other buildings on a property?


Vacant home policies can usually be adapted so non-primary structures are also covered. Many policies have options that make it easy to cover a shed, detached garage, fence or even guesthouse.

An insurance agent who knows vacant home policies well can assist with making sure belongings and/or secondary structures are properly covered by a policy.

Do vacant home policies come with liability coverage?


Vacant home policies don’t always come with liability coverage, as many homeowners policies continue to provide liability coverage even if they stop protecting against damage when a house is vacant. 

When it’s needed, however, liability coverage may be obtained as part of a vacant home policy. It normally only applies to the insured property when included in a vacant home policy.

Can vacant home coverage be added onto a homeowners policy?


Many homeowners policies offer vacant home coverage as an optional endorsement that can be selected. This is often the easiest way to get vacant home coverage for a house that won’t be used for a few months. For instance, an endorsement could make sense if traveling for a few months.

When a home will be left unused for a longer period or indefinitely, then a vacant home policy might make more sense. A homeowners endorsement might not offer coverage for as long as a vacant home policy can, and the homeowners policy could have additional protections that aren’t actually needed.

An experienced insurance agent will be able to check which option is better for a specific property.

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How can property owners get vacant home insurance?


If you have an unoccupied home that may need vacant home insurance coverage, contact the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. Our New Hampshire agents will help you make sure your place is properly protected.


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