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Plumbing Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing plumbing insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Plumbing Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing plumbing insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is plumbing insurance?


Working as a plumber comes with certain risks that are unavoidable. From vehicle accidents to mistaken advice, plumbing insurance can help protect New Hampshire professionals in this line of work from a variety of risks.

Plumbing insurance is a specialized form of commercial for plumbers and their businesses. Policies typically come with a variety of property and liability protections, which plumbers may customize.

Who needs plumbers insurance in New Hampshire?


Most plumbers working in New Hampshire should have at least some plumbers insurance coverages. Not carrying insurance can result in disastrous financial losses if something happens.

For example, commercial plumbing companies, residential plumbing companies and self-employed plumbers might all get this type of policy. Companies that do HVAC and plumbing likely should have plumbers coverages alongside some additional protections.

Plumbing Insurance New Hampshire

What types of coverage are included within plumbers policies?


Plumbers policies typically bundle several coverages together. Some of the coverages that a particular policy might bundle include:

  • General Liability Coverage: May cover basic third-party injuries or property damage resulting from non-vehicle accidents.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: May cover liabilities arising from wrong professional advice given to clients.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: May provide an extra layer of liability coverage if there’s an expensive lawsuit.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: May cover buildings, equipment and inventory owned by the plumber or business.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: May cover company vehicles, like vans and trucks for both accident and non-accident-related risks.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: May protect equipment and inventory while it’s in transit to or from job sites.
  • Installation Floater Coverage: May cover supplies from the time of purchase until they’re installed.


Plumbing Insurance New Hampshire

Do New Hampshire plumbers need workers’ compensation?


New Hampshire state law generally requires workers compensation anytime a business, including most plumbing companies, has employees. This is a protection for employees, in case they’re injured while working.

Thus, plumbing companies that have employees should probably plan on purchasing workers compensation. Those who are self-employed and without other workers likely don’t need workers comp.

When it’s needed, workers comp might be purchased within or alongside a plumbers policy. Either way, an insurance agent who knows plumbers insurance will be able to assist with workers compensation coverage.

Can the same plumbers policy cover both residential and commercial plumbing?


Plumbers policies that cover both residential and commercial plumbing are readily available. Most plumbing businesses that serve both markets will have no issue finding one policy that’ll cover each aspect of the business.

Even though these policies are available, however, it’s important to still work with an insurance agent who specializes in plumbers insurance. A specialized agent will have the requisite knowledge to confirm that a policy does indeed cover both services well.

Plumbing Insurance New Hampshire

How can plumbers get a certificate of insurance?


A certificate of insurance (COI) is a document that’s issued by a business’s insurance company. COIs are used to show that insurance is in place, and they’re common in many types of work. Some plumbers might find that they need to furnish a COI before a commercial customer (and less often a residential customer) will hire them.

Obtaining a COI is fairly easy. Plumbers can quickly get one by asking their insurance agent.

How much does plumbers insurance cost?


The premiums for plumbing policies can vary, but they tend to be affordable. Factors that influence costs include:

  • Type of plumbing services offered
  • Location of the business’s facility
  • Region served by the business
  • Size of the business
  • Recent claims history

Still many more factors can also impact cost. For an accurate quote based on specific criteria, plumbers can talk with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent will be able to compare quotes from several companies.

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How can plumbers get plumbing insurance for themselves and their businesses?


If you need plumbing insurance in New Hampshire, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Insurance 24. Our team will work closely with you to find the right coverages for your business, and then check which policy best meets those coverage needs. With our aid, you can have confidence in the plumbing policy that you ultimately get.


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