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Massage Therapist Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing massage therapist insurance  to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Massage Therapist Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing massage therapist insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is massage therapist insurance?


Working as a massage therapist can be personally rewarding and financially profitable, but the work isn’t without risks. From potential accidents to possible burglaries, massage therapist insurance may protect New Hampshire professionals working in this field from a variety of risks.

Massage therapist insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance designed for massage therapists and their businesses. Policies normally have a combination of property and liability coverages.

What professionals working in New Hampshire need massage insurance?


Most New Hampshire professionals offering massage services should have massage insurance. This broadly includes massage therapists, masseuses, and others who provide massages.

Businesses that offer these services along with others typically need the protections found in massage insurance policies, but they might need additional protections as well. A broader insurance policy, perhaps a spa insurance policy, might better meet the needs of businesses that provide many different spa treatments.

Massage Therapist Insurance New Hampshire

Do massage therapists working as employees need their own massage insurance?


When massage therapists work as employees of a business, such as at a spa, they usually receive coverage through their employer. Insurance often isn’t needed in these situations. 

Any provided coverage is typically limited to when a massage therapist is working for their employer, however. If a massage therapist does their own work on the side, then they probably should have their own insurance policy for that work.

When massage therapists are hired as independent contractors, they don’t always receive coverage from the business that hires them. It’s more common for massage therapists to need their own insurance policies in these situations.

An insurance agent specializing in massage insurance can help determine whether an individual insurance policy should be purchased in a given situation.

Massage Therapist Insurance New Hampshire

Do massage students need their own insurance policy?


Massage students are typically covered by their school’s insurance policy. Similar to employees, however, this coverage usually applies only to services rendered as part of their training. 

Students who provide massage services outside of their schoolwork likely should have their own insurance for this side work. Students should consult with a knowledgeable insurance agent in these situations, to assess their coverage needs and find a policy that’s tailored for the side work they do.

What protections are included in massage therapist policies?


Massage therapist policies can contain a variety of important protections. Some that many policies have are:

Common coverages in massage therapist policies include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might cover basic accidents that lead to third-party injury or property damage.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Might cover errors and mistakes when giving massages, which lead to client injury.
  • Product Liability Coverage: Might cover products that are sold or used, which cause client injury or property damage
  • Rental Damage Coverage: Might cover rented equipment that’s damaged while being used or stored.
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: Might cover tables and other business-owned equipment against theft.
Massage Therapist Insurance New Hampshire

Do massage therapists need commercial auto coverage if going to clients’ homes?


When offering at-home massages, massage therapists often need some type of commercial auto coverage. 

They can usually get the coverage through a personal policy, however. Some personal auto policies already offer coverage for limited business driving, while others have it as an option. A full commercial policy isn’t often needed, unless the vehicle is officially owned by the business.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help massage therapists offering at-home services determine how best to get auto coverage.

How much do massage therapists pay for insurance?


The premiums charged for massage therapist policies can vary, as they’re based on factors like the size of a business, where the business is located, where services are offered, and whether the business has filed any insurance claims recently. In general, however, most of these policies have quite affordable premiums.

An independent insurance agent can review quotes from several insurance companies, which is an easy way to find out how much insurance will cost in a given situation.

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How can massage therapists in New Hampshire get massage therapist insurance?


For help finding massage therapist insurance in New Hampshire, contact the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. Our agents will make sure you’re well protected.


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