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Pet Groomer Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing pet groomer  insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Pet Groomer Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing pet groomer insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is pet groomer insurance?


Working as an animal groomer can be personally fulfilling and financially profitable work, but there are some risks involved. Buildings can be damaged, animals can be injured, and dogs can run away, for just a few examples of what perils could befall a grooming business. Pet groomer insurance may help protect New Hampshire groomers from risks such as these.

Pet groomer insurance is specialized commercial insurance tailored to the needs of groomers. Policies can come with multiple coverages that give groomers important property and liability protections.

What New Hampshire businesses need to carry pet grooming insurance?


Most animal groomers in New Hampshire should have pet grooming insurance. This generally includes dog groomers, specialized animal groomers and mobile groomers.

Additionally, other businesses within the pet industry might need pet grooming coverages if they offer grooming services. In these situations, the pet grooming coverages may be combined with others to meet the business’s broader coverage needs.

Pet Groomer Insurance New Hampshire

Do groomers need pet grooming insurance when working on the side?

.Employees who work as groomers typically are covered by their employer’s insurance policy while they’re working. Employer policies are unlikely to cover work done outside of the employment arrangement, however. Thus, employees usually should consider their own insurance if grooming pets on their own outside of work hours. 

Groomers who need coverage for their own side hustle work should consult a specialized insurance agent. An agent who’s familiar with pet grooming policies will be able to check for a policy that provides the right coverages at an affordable price.

What coverages are included in pet grooming policies?


Pet grooming insurance can offer a variety of coverages. Some coverages that are often available through these policies include:

  • Commercial Property Coverage: Might protect buildings, as well as equipment, tools and supplies, owned by groomers.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Might protect equipment, tools and supplies during transit to and from customers’ locations.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: Might protect against prolonged periods of lost revenue that follow a covered incident.
  • General Liability Coverage: Might protect against common accidents resulting in personal injury or property damage to others.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Might protect against grooming that causes harm to an animal.
  • Animal Bailee Coverage: Might protect against the loss, injury or death of an animal.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Might protect a mobile groomer’s car, truck or van used to go between customers’ locations.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Might offer additional protection against costly lawsuits that exceed other liability coverage limits.
Pet Groomer Insurance New Hampshire

Do pet grooming policies cover injured animals?


Yes, most pet groomer policies include coverage for animals that might be injured while in a groomer’s care. The risk usually falls under animal bailee coverage, which is a common coverage in these policies.

How much do pet grooming policies cost?


The cost of pet grooming insurance varies, with factors like location, business size, types of animals groomed, and claims history being just a few examples of what can impact cost. In most cases, however, pet grooming policies can be quite affordable.

To find out how much insuring a specific grooming business will cost, groomers can ask an independent insurance agent for custom quotes from several insurance companies. This makes checking different companies’ coverages and rates easy.

Pet Groomer Insurance New Hampshire
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How can groomers in New Hampshire get pet groomer insurance?


For assistance with insuring a pet grooming business that’s in New Hampshire, reach out to the independent agents at Insurance24. We’ll work closely with you to understand your specific needs, and help you find the right pet groomer insurance policy for you.


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