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Renters Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing renters insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Renters Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing renters insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is renters insurance?


Renting a house or apartment might not entail all of the responsibilities that come with home ownership, but renters aren’t entirely free of responsibilities. As part of taking care of themselves and their belongings, most renters in New Hampshire should have renters insurance.

Renters insurance is a special type of homeowners insurance designed to protect tenants who lease an apartment or house. Policies usually protect belongings and cover liability lawsuits.

Who in New Hampshire should consider a renters policy?


Most individuals who lease a primary or secondary residence in New Hampshire should carry insurance. Not insuring can have disastrous consequences if something ever happens to a rented place. For example, people in the following situations might want a policy:

  • Renters who lease an apartment, townhouse or house as their primary residence
  • Residents who lease a summer home in Portsmouth or Hampton Beach
  • Residents who lease a ski chalet or cabin in the White Mountains
  • Out-of-state residents temporarily working in New Hampshire who rent an apartment
  • College students who move off-campus somewhere other than their parent’s home
Renters Insurance New Hampshire

What kinds of coverages do renters policies provide?


Renters policies generally offer a range of coverage options to protect policyholders against various risks. Renters property insurance coverages usually protect the belongings that a renter keeps at their place. Renters liability insurance coverages usually protect the policyholder (and their immediate family) against a host of potential liability lawsuits. 

Some common and oft-important coverages for renters are:

  • Personal Liability Coverage: May cover common liability suits filed against the policyholder, such as slip-and-fall accidents, kitchen fires, dog bites, etc.
  • Personal Property Coverage: May cover possessions owned by the policyholder, such as furniture, electronics, clothing, etc.
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage: May cover alternative accommodation costs if a disaster makes the rented premises uninhabitable.

In a covered lawsuit, any renters liability insurance coverage will likely help pay for court fees, attorney fees and settlements up to the coverage’s limit.

Renters Insurance New Hampshire

Do people renting a place for only a few weeks need a renters policy?


For short-term rentals, typically including those spanning just a few weeks, a comprehensive renters insurance policy is probably unnecessary. Coverage might already be included in an existing homeowners policy, or a short-term rental policy could be an option.

An insurance agent specializing in renters policies can assist with determining whether a situation calls for a full renters policy.

Do renters have insurance coverage from their landlord?


Landlords usually have an insurance policy that protects their building and themselves. Landlord policies normally don’t give renters any protections, however. 

Renters instead generally need to purchase their own insurance, if they’re to personally have any renters liability insurance or personal property insurance protections.

Renters Insurance New Hampshire

How much are the premiums for renters policies?


Renters policies are generally quite affordable, because they don’t have to insure a building itself. Coverage is usually available for only a small amount each month, and the protection provided can potentially be worth many times more than what the premiums are.

An independent insurance agent can help renters find out how much purchasing insurance would cost them. Independent agents aren’t with any one insurance company, so they’re able to compare quotes from different insurers. This makes determining cost easy.

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How can residents obtain renters insurance?


If you rent a place in New Hampshire and need insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. We’ve worked with many residents who needed insurance, including many renters, and we have the expertise required to help you. We’ll make sure you and your belongings are well protected by the renters insurance policy that you ultimately choose.



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