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Cargo Van Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing cargo van insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Cargo Van Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing cargo van insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is cargo van insurance?

Insuring a cargo van isn’t difficult, but it does require some terms that aren’t in all standard car insurance policies. New Hampshire businesses that need to insure commercially registered cargo vans generally should look at cargo van insurance.

Cargo van insurance provides specialized vehicle coverage for commercially registered cargo vans. Policies take into account the size and weight of vans, and also of the cargo they might transport.

What New Hampshire businesses is commercial van insurance right for?


Commercial van insurance is normally the best way to insure commercially registered vans. Most New Hampshire businesses should get a policy if they have commercial passenger or commercial cargo vans.

Not all policies insure both passenger and cargo vans, however. Cargo van policies often don’t have the high injury coverage limits that transporting multiple passengers calls for. Passenger van policies often don’t have the cargo-specific coverages that cargo vans should be protected with. When insuring a delivery van, utility van, reefer van or other commercial cargo van, a cargo van policy is usually what’s needed.

Since cargo vans are used in many different situations, there’s a broad variety of businesses that might get a cargo van policy. Just a few examples include:

  • Contractors and tradespeople
  • Equipment leasing companies
  • Bakeries, florists and distillers
  • Electronics stores and furniture retailers
  • Local couriers and last-mile delivery services
Cargo Van Insurance New Hampshire

What insurance protections should businesses look for when insuring cargo vans?


When selecting insurance for a cargo van, it’s important to find a commercial van insurance option that has the right protections. The following are often important protections to consider:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Normally covers damage to a cargo van resulting from incidents other than collisions with vehicles (e.g. falling trees, animal strikes, theft or fire).
  • Collision Coverage: Normally covers damage to a cargo van resulting from collisions with at least one other vehicle that’s being driven at the time of the accident.
  • Bodily Injury Coverage: Normally covers physical injuries to individuals that are sustained during a multi-vehicle collision, or when hitting another object (e.g. guard rail, tree, animal).
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Normally covers medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained in a multi-vehicle collision or other accident.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Normally covers damage to other vehicles and non-vehicle property that’s caused in a multi-vehicle collision or other accident (e.g. hitting a building or fence).
  • Gap Coverage: Normally covers the financial difference between a van’s current value and the remaining loan amount if the van is declared a total loss. This is usually needed if a van is leased or financed.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Normally covers collisions with drivers who are inadequately insured or altogether uninsured. Typically also covers hit-and-run collisions.
Cargo Van Insurance New Hampshire

Are items inside a cargo van covered by commercial van insurance?


Most commercial van policies provide coverage for items loaded on a cargo van, but the amount of coverage can vary. Cargo van policies usually provide higher limits for items than passenger van policies might. Even some cargo van policies might have standard limits below the total value of what’s loaded on a van, however.

To make sure items are fully covered when in a cargo van, businesses should work with an insurance agent who understands commercial van policies well. A knowledgeable agent will be able to find a policy that provides robust protection for what’s normally kept in a van’s cargo area.

Can multiple vans be covered with a single commercial van policy?


Commercial van policies may insure a single van, several vans, or a whole fleet. There are policy options for almost any number of cargo vans. Additionally, adding or removing vans usually doesn’t require purchasing a new policy.

Cargo Van Insurance New Hampshire
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Where can businesses in New Hampshire find cargo van insurance?


If you need to insure a cargo van that’s registered in New Hampshire, talk with the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. Our agents will find a cargo van insurance policy that’ll protect your vans well.


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