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EPLI Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing EPLI insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

EPLI Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing EPLI insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is EPLI insurance?


Employees are essential to many businesses’ operations, but hiring employees brings risks. To protect against a range of potential employee-filed lawsuits, businesses in New Hampshire may want EPLI insurance.

EPLI insurance offers specific liability protections against various lawsuits that employees might file. Policies may cover discrimination, harassment, and other claims.

What New Hampshire businesses is employment practices liability insurance for?


Most New Hampshire employers can benefit from employment practices liability insurance. Any business employing workers could be sued for discrimination, and such lawsuits can be expensive.

Businesses might even want it slightly before they hire their first employee. Job applicants can make many of the same discrimination claims that employees can. Having a policy in place may protect against both employee and applicant lawsuits.

EPLI Insurance New Hampshire

What scenarios fall under employment practices liability insurance?


Many diverse scenarios might be covered by employment practices liability insurance. Depending on the specifics of a policy, situations such as the following could be covered:

  • Interns aren’t paid, but they do work that requires remuneration
  • Women are paid less than men with comparable qualifications and roles
  • Older workers are denied promotions or forced out, because of their age
  • LGBTQ+ employees are denied opportunities, because of their orientation
  • Minorities are given demeaning work below their role
  • Interviewers ask about pregnancy, immigration status, or another prohibited topic
  • HR reps forget to disclose that background checks will be run on applicants
  • Workers claim that there’s a hostile work environment

Any of these situations could lead to an employee suing. In a covered scenario, employment practices liability insurance would likely help pay attorney fees, court fees, and any settlement that’s owed.

EPLI Insurance New Hampshire

Can EPLI cover discrimination lawsuits that volunteers file against nonprofits?


Employees aren’t the only ones who might sue for discrimination. Nonprofit organizations also should consider the possibility that volunteers could sue for discrimination. While this is usually less likely, it can be if a volunteer does sue.

Not every EPLI policy includes protection against volunteer discrimination suits, but some may offer this protection. It’s usually an option when offered.

An insurance agent who knows EPLI well can help nonprofits find a policy that should protect them against both employee and volunteer lawsuits.

Can EPLI cover discrimination suits that a business’s customers file?


In some situations, customers or vendors could also potentially claim they were discriminated against. Extending coverage to third-party claims, such as these, isn’t standard. Select EPLI policies may cover customer or vendor discrimination suits, though.

Again, an insurance agent who specializes in employment practices liability insurance can help find a policy that has the protections an organization or business needs.

Does workers compensation cover employee discrimination?


Workers compensation insurance is generally for workplace injuries and illnesses. It primarily insures against physical harm that employees might sustain in the course of their job.

Discrimination usually isn’t something that workers compensation protects against. For employment discrimination lawsuits, EPLI is normally needed.

EPLI Insurance New Hampshire

How much are the premiums for EPLI policies?


The premiums charged for EPLI policies vary. A business’s industry, annual revenue, past claims history, number of employees, employee salaries, hiring and termination policies, and employee turnover rate can all impact premiums, as can many other factors.

To find out how much coverage will cost in a specific situation, businesses can talk with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent can check policies from multiple insurers, seeing how much different companies would charge for coverage.

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Where can businesses in New Hampshire get EPLI insurance?


If your business has employees but not EPLI insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Insruance24. Our New Hampshire agents have worked with many businesses in the state. We have the expertise necessary to help you find an EPLI policy that’ll give your business solid protection against covered discrimination claims.


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