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Restaurant Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing restaurant insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Restaurant Insurance in  New Hampshire

Also providing restaurant insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is restaurant insurance?


Operating a restaurant in New Hampshire presents a diverse set of risks that your business should insure against. Restaurant insurance is a key factor in safeguarding a restaurant’s ability to weather many unforeseen problems.

Restaurant insurance policies are designed to address the specific requirements of sit-down dining establishments. These policies offer a broad and customizable array of coverage options.

Which New Hampshire businesses should get a restaurant policy?


The majority of sit-down restaurants in New Hampshire could benefit from a restaurant policy. This is typically the most cost-effective method to insure a traditional restaurant.

However, this policy type isn’t necessarily best for all food service businesses. For instance, bars, food trucks and catering services will likely find that other insurance policies are slightly better for their unique risk mitigation needs.

Restaurant Insurance New Hampshire

What types of restaurant liability insurance coverages are in restaurant policies?


Restaurant policies come with a range of liability coverages, which primarily offer protection against instances where a business might be financially liable for causing harm to another party. Policies typically offer restaurant liability insurance coverages such as:

  • General Liability Coverage: This might protect against commonplace accidents, like “slip and fall” incidents, occurring within the restaurant’s building, patio or parking lot.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage: This might protect against accidents and certain other incidents involving adult customers who have been overserved.
  • Product Liability Coverage: This might protect against illnesses stemming from improperly handled food or beverages, which make customers seriously ill.
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage: This might give supplemental protection for high-cost lawsuits that exceed the limits of another restaurant liability insurance coverage.
Restaurant Insurance New Hampshire

What property insurance coverages do restaurant policies provide?


Restaurant policies also offer a variety of property coverages. Some of the more frequently included property-related protections are:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: This may cover buildings and other structures owned by the restaurant.
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage: This may cover improvements made to the kitchen and dining areas of a restaurant that leases its space.
  • Commercial Contents Coverage: This may cover kitchen equipment, POS systems, tables, art decor, shelves and other items owned by the restaurant.
  • Food Contamination Coverage: This may cover certain causes of spoilage or contamination of ingredients and prepared foods.

Restaurant owners and managers should examine all policy coverages, including both restaurant liability insurance protections, with an insurance agent who specializes in restaurant policies.

What kind of auto coverage do restaurants need to have?


Restaurants that use vehicles in their daily operations should make sure they have the appropriate auto insurance. This generally encompasses everything from personal cars used for sourcing ingredients to delivery trucks. The type of auto coverage required largely depends on how the vehicles are used:

  • Owner’s Vehicle: If the owner’s vehicle is used for buying ingredients from local markets or stores, the owner’s personal auto policy may be sufficient. An endorsement for work-related driving might be needed, though, or a full commercial policy could be required in select cases. An experienced agent should review the owner’s auto policy to determine options.
  • Delivery Drivers: If employees use their personal vehicles to make deliveries, hired and non-owned auto insurance may provide the restaurant with liability protection. If an online delivery platform is utilized, restaurants can likely forgo this or any other auto coverage.
  • Delivery Trucks: If the restaurant owns a truck that’s used for deliveries, a commercial auto insurance policy is probably needed.
  • Food Truck: Restaurants that run a food truck may want a food truck insurance policy. This usually includes vehicle coverage and other protections.
  • Catering: Restaurants that cater off-site events may want a catering insurance policy. This usually includes vehicle coverage and other protections.
Restaurant Insurance New Hampshire
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How can New Hampshire restaurants get a restaurant insurance policy?


To safeguard your New Hampshire restaurant, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. Our dedicated team will help you determine coverage needs, and then find a restaurant insurance policy that protects against the risks your restaurant faces.


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