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Pet Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing pet insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Pet Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing pet insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is pet insurance? 


Pet owners invest their time, money and themselves into their beloved animals, and no one wants to see something happen to their animal. The sad reality is that animals do get injured and become seriously ill at times, however. Having pet insurance may help New Hampshire pet owners pay for veterinary care if their animal needs any.

Pet insurance provides tailored coverage for pets, often paying for their veterinary care. A policy may ensure that pet owners don’t need to choose between their budget and their animal’s welfare.

Who in New Hampshire does a pet policy make sense for?


Pet insurance can make sense for many pet owners in New Hampshire. Policies may cover routine costs, and also might make sure unexpected emergency vet visits can be taken care of. There’s little worse than having to forgo pet care because of financial limitations.

Pet Insurance New Hampshire

What costs are covered by pet policies?


Pet policies may cover several different expenses related to an animal’s veterinary care. Depending on a policy’s terms and coverages, it may pay for:

  • Routine and preventative care
  • Diagnosed hereditary medical issues
  • Episodes of acute illnesses in pets
  • Injuries from accidents (auto and others)
  • Chronic and terminal conditions 

An insurance agent specializing in pet policies can review exactly what a specific policy would likely cover.

Pet Insurance New Hampshire

Is dental care covered by pet policies?


Pet policies are similar to health insurance policies, in that dental is typically separated from veterinary/medical care. Pet policies frequently don’t cover routine dental care, and many exclude other dental care unless it’s caused by a diagnosed medical issue or accident.

If coverage for cleanings and other dental care is specifically desired, a knowledgeable insurance agent can check if any options are available.

What’s accident only pet coverage?


Accident only pet coverage normally only pays for veterinary care that’s needed as a direct result of an accident.

For example, dog insurance accident coverage might pay if a dog is struck by a car, attacked by an animal, hurt in a fall from a height, or otherwise injured in an accident. The coverage likely won’t pay for routine veterinary care, or any care related to chronic or hereditary diseases.

Accident only dog insurance policies are usually readily available, as many dog owners are concerned about injuries. Policies may be available for other animals, such as outdoor cats, too.

A dog insurance or other insurance policy with accident only coverage can make sense for pet owners who are concerned about unexpected expenses. Owners who can pay out-of-pocket for routine care might still want this coverage in case an accident necessitates major and unanticipated veterinary care.

Are dog insurance policies available for all breeds?


Most dog breeds can easily be insured with dog insurance. Some breeds may cost more to insure, however, because of common hereditary or health issues. Coverage is usually still very accessible for these breeds, however.

Dog insurance policies can be found for Insurance policies for dogs are usually available for most breeds. While insurance for breeds prone to health issues might be slightly more expensive, coverage is typically accessible for these as well.

Pet Insurance New Hampshire

How do deductibles, copays and coinsurances work in pet policies?


Pet policies often come with deductibles, copays and coinsurance rates. Each represents a separate out-of-pocket expense:

  • Deductibles are generally amounts to be paid before the policy begins covering costs. They can be annual or per-incident, with some costs possibly exempt.
  • Copays are generally fixed amounts paid per vet visit or service. Different amounts can apply to different services, such as appointments, tests and emergency care.
  • Coinsurance rates are percentage-based costs for services, again possibly varying depending on the type of service. These are kind of like copays, but a percentage of the bill rather than a flat amount. 
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Where can New Hampshire pet owners get pet insurance? 


If you have a beloved animal that isn’t covered with pet insurance, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Inusrance24. Our agents can help you find the right coverage for your pets.


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