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Jewelry Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing jewelry insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Jewelry Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing jewelry insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is jewelry insurance?


Jewelry can be a major purchase, with engagement rings and other notable pieces reaching four or five figures. It’s important to protect something of this much value, and jewelry insurance can help New Hampshire residents do just that.

Jewelry insurance provides specific protection for pieces of jewelry. These policies provide a narrow range of protections, mainly insuring just jewelry, but may fill in other policies’ coverage gaps.

Who in New Hampshire does jewelry coverage make sense for? 


Anyone in New Hampshire who has jewelry of value might benefit from jewelry coverage. This includes residents with individual pieces of high-value and with overall valuable collections.

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Does homeowners or renters insurance cover jewelry pieces?


Homeowners and renters insurance often cover some jewelry under their personal property component, but the amount of coverage isn’t always enough for a couple of reasons.

First, many of these policies offer only a limited amount of protection, such as $1,000 or $2,000 for all of a policyholder’s jewelry. That amount can easily be surpassed by an engagement ring, heirloom piece, or just a significant collection of pieces.

Second, homeowners and renters policies normally don’t cover damage or unknown loss. They might insure against damage from fire or loss from theft, but probably not from losing a piece accidentally or banging a ring on a granite countertop.

When homeowners or renters policies don’t offer sufficient coverage for jewelry, a jewelry-specific policy can likely fill in this gap. Jewelry policies usually offer higher limits and broader protections for items than a standard homeowners policy would.

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What risks are covered by jewelry policies?

The scope of protections that jewelry policies provide varies depending on a policy’s terms, but they typically include a range of risks that could result in damage or loss. Some commonly covered risks that a policy might protect against are:

  • Theft while items are at the policyholder’s residence
  • Theft while items are not at the residence
  • Accidental breakage or damage
  • Lose due to policyholder’s accidental misplacement
  • Disappearance without a known cause

What jewelry items can be insured? 

Jewelry policies are available for a wide variety of high-value pieces. Some of the items people frequently insure include:

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Watches
Jewelry Insurance new hampshire

Is jewelry coverage available for loose diamonds?


While less common, jewelry policies for loose diamonds and gemstones sometimes are available. An insurance agent specializing in jewelry coverage can help find a policy that’ll extend coverage to unmounted stones.

How well do jewelry policies cover pieces of jewelry?


Most jewelry policies provide one of three levels of coverage for insured items:

  • Market value 
  • Replacement cost
  • Set amount

Which of these three options should be chosen depends on the type of pieces being insured. Pieces that are valuable but not essential might be insured at market value, while important pieces like an engagement ring or wedding ring may be insured at replacement cost. A pre-set amount that’s selected at the time the policy is purchased could make sense for a highly unique piece or collection.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with insuring jewelry can help select one of these three options, and find a policy that’ll provide the desired level of protection.

Does jewelry need to be appraised in order to be insured?


It’s often wise to have any high-value pieces appraised, especially if jewelry coverage is specifically being purchased for them. Having an appraisal can assist in both verifying that the piece was owned, and determining how much it’s worth.

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How can New Hampshire residents get jewelry insurance?


If you’re looking to insure jewelry, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Insurance24. Our knowledgeable New Hampshire agents will make sure you find jewelry insurance that protects your precious pieces and collection well.


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