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House Cleaning Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing house cleaning insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

House Cleaning Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing house cleaning insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is house cleaning insurance?


Cleaning houses can be good money, but that money can be lost if something major happens. An accident that causes substantial damage could cost more than homeowners pay. House cleaning insurance may help residential cleaners in New Hampshire financially protect themselves in case something happens.

House cleaning insurance provides tailored coverage specifically for residential cleaners. Policies usually can provide a variety of liability protections, and some property protections too.

Who in New Hampshire is home cleaning insurance for?


Home cleaning insurance could help anyone who offers residential cleaning services in New Hampshire protect themselves. Businesses and self-employed individual cleaners both purchase these policies.

House Cleaning Insurance New Hampshire

What coverages are included in home cleaning insurance policies?


There are a number of protections that home cleaning insurance policies might provide. A few common protections include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Could cover basic accidents leading to major damage of a client’s home or possessions. Typically also covers client injuries resulting from basic accidents.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Could cover cleaning mistakes that ruin a client’s expensive possessions, or otherwise damage a client’s property. 
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Could cover vehicles owned by a residential cleaning business, or might insure a personal vehicle that’s used for driving to/from houses.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Could cover lawsuits that surpass the limits of standard liability coverages.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: Could cover cleaning equipment and supplies stored at a business location.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Could cover cleaning equipment and supplies while in transit to/from a client’s location.

Do self-employed house cleaners need commercial auto coverage?


Self-employed house cleaners often need coverage for basic business-related driving. How this coverage is obtained, however, can vary.

Many cleaners might find that adequate protection is available through their personal auto insurance policy. Some personal auto policies already cover limited business driving within their standard protections, and quite a few make such protection available through an endorsement.

In some cases, protection for business driving might not be available through a personal policy. A commercial policy is likely needed in these situations. This most frequently happens with commercially registered vehicles, which normally can’t be covered by a personal policy.

House Cleaning Insurance New Hampshire

Is insurance necessary when cleaning for friends or family?


When cleaning a friend’s or family member’s house, whether home cleaners insurance is needed depends largely on whether the friend pays.

If cleaning is done without payment, the cleaner’s homeowners or renters insurance probably offers protection. Almost all standard homeowners policies have personal liability coverage, and most personal liability coverages would cover a mistake that happens when doing a favor for someone else. Cleaning without pay is essentially a favor.

If payment is involved, then it normally becomes a business transaction and not a favor. This usually requires some form of commercial coverage, whether that’s obtained through a personal policy enhancement or a commercial policy. Cleaners should be aware that payment isn’t limited to cash, but can also include trades.

How much do self-employed residential cleaners pay for their insurance?


The premiums that self-employed cleaners pay are quite affordable. Insurance companies understand that cleaners pose limited risks when compared to larger businesses, and policy features can be adjusted for situations and budgets.

To find affordable coverage, cleaners can work with an independent insurance agent. Because an independent agent isn’t connected to any one insurance company, they can check quotes from several companies.

House Cleaning Insurance New Hampshire
Insurance 24

Where can residential cleaners in New Hampshire find house cleaning insurance?


If you clean houses in New Hampshire and don’t have insurance, contact the agents at Insurance24. Our independent agents will work closely with you to assess coverage needs, and then we’ll help you find an affordable house cleaning insurance policy that meets your needs. Together, we can make sure you’re protected against a range of potential accidents.


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