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Commercial Auto Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing commercial auto  insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Commercial Auto Insurance in New Hampshire

Also providing commercial auto insurance to residents in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

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What is commercial auto insurance?


Many businesses in New Hampshire own and use vehicles in their daily operations. For these business vehicles, personal auto insurance usually isn’t adequate. Instead, commercial auto insurance is generally needed.

Commercial auto insurance offers customizable coverage for business-owned vehicles. Policies are available for virtually all types of vehicles that businesses use.

What New Hampshire businesses need to insure with business auto insurance?


Although New Hampshire actually doesn’t require auto insurance, coverage is strongly recommended. The coverage needed for commercially registered vehicles is normally business auto insurance.

For businesses that have financed their vehicles, certain coverages are likely required by the lender. Regardless of whether there’s a lender requirement in place, again, insurance is strongly recommended.

Commercial Auto Insurance New Hampshire

What types of coverage are available in a business auto policy?


Business auto insurance offers a variety of coverages, most of which mirror those in personal auto policies but are tailored for business needs. A few coverages that policies typically offer include:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage: Usually protects against injuries to individuals outside the business’s insured vehicle(s).
  • Personal Injury Coverage: Typically covers injuries to occupants inside the business’s insured vehicles.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Usually covers damage to other parties’ property, including other vehicles.
  • Collision Coverage: Usually covers damages to the insured vehicles resulting from car accidents.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Usually covers non-collision damages to the insured vehicles, such as fire, theft, hitting animals and falling trees.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Usually covers accidents involving inadequately insured drivers, as well as hit-and-runs.
Commercial Auto Insurance New Hampshire

What types of vehicles is business auto insurance available for?


Business auto policies can cover almost any type of vehicle that a business might use. Policies are available for everything from sedans to large trucks, including crossovers, SUVs, pickups and specialty vehicles (e.g. limos, ambulances).

How many vehicles can a commercial auto policies cover?


Commercial auto policies are available for a single vehicle, several vehicles or large fleets. An insurance agent specializing in commercial auto can help businesses find a policy that covers the type and number of vehicles that the business has.

Do business owners using personal vehicles for work need business auto insurance?


Many self-employed business owners have their car or truck serve double duty, using it for both personal and work driving. 

In these situations, a personal auto policy might be able to provide sufficient coverage but it’s not guaranteed. The coverage might be included as a standard feature, available through an endorsement, or not offered at all. A different personal policy or a commercial policy would probably be needed if sufficient coverage isn’t offered.

Business owners can get help finding coverage for a personal and work vehicle by talking with a knowledgeable agent. An insurance agent who knows both personal auto policies and commercial auto policies well should be able to find a policy that meets the business owner’s needs at an affordable price.

Commercial Auto Insurance New Hampshire

What businesses need hired and non-owned business auto coverage?


Hired and non-owned commercial auto coverage is normally used when a business’s employees drive vehicles that the business doesn’t actually own. The coverage is typically so that the business has liability protection if an employee is in an accident (but often doesn’t cover damage to the vehicle).

For example, a pizza place might get this coverage for their drivers who make deliveries. A moving company might get the coverage if renting a truck for a specific moving job.

An insurance agent who knows commercial auto coverage will be able to assist with hired and non-owned coverage.

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How can businesses in New Hampshire get commercial auto insurance?


For help insuring vehicles that your business uses, contact the independent New Hampshire insurance agents at Insurance24. We’ll make sure you find commercial auto insurance that protects the vehicles well.


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